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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Winter Warm Up!

Just when you thought it was warming up for Spring, good ole Punxatawney Phil sees his shadow and foretells six more weeks of Old Man Winter's visit. Sheesh! It's been too cold for me to comfortably work in the glass studio, so I've been focusing on what I consider to be the less creative side of my business. You know, exciting things like marketing, updating the Etsy shop and coloring. I might think they aren't creative, but they really are.

Do you need a winter warm up? I know I do!

cup of coffee with froth heart

Warm up with the Hot Winter Sale going on through February 28, 2014 in the Sassy Glass Studio Etsy shop! Save 20% with coupon code HOTWINTERSALE. Also, check out the all the heart pendants and rings available. Perfect for Valentine's Day!
fused glass pendants with hearts
A few of the heart pendants available in the Etsy shop

So, now that you are all warmed up, here's how I make marketing more creative:

Pinterest logo

1. Part of my marketing involves Pinterest. If you don't know what Pinterest is, you've probably been hanging out in the ground with Punxatawney Phil. Pinterest is a cool tool for anyone who likes to pretend they know how to cook, thinks they can operate a screwdriver or sewing machine, or dreams about winning the lottery so they can afford a fantastic new wardrobe. Some folks think it is a waste of their time. I don't. It's an easy way for me to find creative inspiration, share my artwork, plan my glass studio redesign, grow my business and plan a garden. {Take a peek at my boards if you are interested!}
Etsy logo

2. Another important aspect of my marketing is my Etsy shop. I love doing the Dogwood Arts Festival Market Square Art Fair in April as well as the Market Square Farmers' Market from May to December. Thist means I'm fortunate that I only have a couple of months each year I have to rely on my Etsy shop more than usual to attract potential shoppers and turn them into buyers. Keeping the shop fresh and stocked with new items is very important to me. Nobody wants to visit my shop hoping to find something new only to see the same old stuff. So even if it is really cold out there in the glass studio, I have to suck it up and get out there and create. I usually do this when we have a "heat wave" and it's over 30 degrees. I'm not crazy!

Instagram logoTwitter logo

3. Two other ways I market my fused glass art are by using Twitter and Instagram. Twitter is a great way for me to share what I am doing in the glass studio or in my personal life. It's how I let you know more about me. Yes, I am on Facebook, but my page there is more about Sassy Glass Studio and less about me. I use Twitter to give you a glimpse behind the scenes. I use Instagram pretty much the same way. But it's more visual since it is all photos and videos. Instagram is perfect for sharing images of what I just put into the kiln and then again when I take it out.

So, there you go. There are three ways I market my business that allow me to be creative. I get to pin cool stuff over on Pinterest, make my Etsy shop look nice and share photos and video of what I am doing. Take a moment and give me a follow on the social media platform{s} of your choice and see what is going on!

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Julius Horton said...

Ah, yes! Pinterestis really one of the best ways to market creative crafts and products. I have never failed to go a day without checking Pinterest ever since I've seen the beauty of the app. I also believe Instagram and Twitter are both helpful to get the word around. It's really a smart move to market your products online using social networks. Thanks for sharing that, Lisa. Have a prosperous week! :)

Julius Horton @ Polkadot PR