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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's a Sassy New Year! {part 3}

Today it is bitterly cold in Knoxville, TN and I am working from the warmth and comfort of my little old house. When it is this cold it is pretty much impossible to work in the glass studio. It's a misconception that it is warm in my studio because I use a kiln to fire my glass, but most of the time I am not even in the studio when the kiln is on. Plus there isn't any heat out there, just a radiator space heater that, in all honesty, doesn't really warm the space. So, I'm thankful to be sitting in the house with my dog by my side, Netflix playing on my phone and my coloring book and gel pens making for me to take advantage of them. The coloring book is all part of my plan to be more creative as I mentioned in my first blog post of 2014.
coloring book, secret garden, gel pens
Working in my fabulous new coloring book!
Last week I shared my plans for being more active and social and this week is the third and last post of my 2014 goals: being more productive and awesome. I've been spending quite a bit of, shall I say, unproductive time trying to figure out ways to be more productive and what I have discovered is that I just need to stop thinking about doing and just do. So far this year I have completed several tasks that I have been "planning to do" and have several in the works. Most of my projects involve the glass studio and business, but some are for the photography business and the rest are related to my house. This old house needs a lot of attention!
breakfast nook, vintage green metal pantry cabinet, cabinets
Making the breakfast more productive! Moved this cabinet unit in and just need to add a countertop and paint it. I painted the pantry cabinet on the right last year and it is great for extra storage space.
I've been pinning ideas for my glass studio redesign and how to improve the appearance and functionality of my art show booth on Pinterest. This is the first step. The next step will be to, you guessed it, just do it. Take a look at these two boards and let me know if you have any suggestions. I would love some feedback!
sassy glass studio fused glass class, students, glass class, fused glass
Fused glass class students working on their projects
My plans for being more awesome are not as easy to define, but mainly focus on teaching more fused glass classes and sharing of my creative business experience through my Creative Business Learning Center mentor program and workshops. I also want to find more opportunities to speak to creative business owners and entrepreneurs. Let me know if you can connect me with any creative business owners/entrepreneurs who could use my assistance. Stay tuned for more posts related to being more awesome and let me know how I can help you become more awesome!

By the way, I will be speaking the creative biz owners about Social Media at Arts & Cultural Alliance on February 12th! Come learn and grow!

Stay tuned for more information about upcoming events, classes, workshops, videos and behind-the-scenes goodies!

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