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Sunday, January 24, 2016

New Year. New Fusography Collections.

So much has happened with Sassy Glass Studio since I fired my first kiln load of fused glass goodness nearly 9 years ago. There have been periods of intense creative growth, the addition of new products and designs, lots of markets, studio reorganizations, many students to teach and the building of a sustainable creative business. But there has also been so much more than all that. I've evolved as an artist and creative entrepreneur, and I'm now running three businesses- Sassy Glass Studio, ALM Photo, and Pink Spark Creative. Pink Spark Creative is where I share all of the knowledge, lessons and experience I have gained as a creative entrepreneur over the last 10+ years. It was because of the growth of ALM Photo and my desire to launch Pink Spark Creative that I spent very little time in the glass studio last year. In fact, I took nearly a complete break from May to November. It was a much-needed break, but I was back in the studio before the holiday markets and now I'm recharged and ready to take things in a bit of a different direction.

As you may know, I took a small space within Handmade at Southern Market along with 50 or so other Knoxville area Etsy sellers in October. This opportunity forced me to evaluate the items I was creating and offering for sale there and in my Etsy shop. And it also made me realize it was time to "practice what I preach" to my Pink Spark Creative clients and offer a smaller selection of items that, while still one-of-a-kind and handmade, could be made in limited quantities or duplicated.

So, that leads me to the announcement of some of the new Fusography Collections for 2016. I've really enjoyed designing artwork that can then be turned into a decal and fired onto my glass art. The first pieces will be coasters, but I'll be expanding to plates, platters, small trinket dishes and more over the next few months. Being able to add coordinating patterns to my pieces is something truly unique that no other fused glass artist is doing. For once, I am on the cutting edge!

These coasters were created to give folks a fun pop of color on their desk and either motivation, inspiration or a good laugh. If you have any suggestions for designs, please let me know. I am always open to new ideas!

hustle, fused glass, coaster, desk art, creative entrepreneur, motivational quote, triangles,

adulting is hard, fusography, sassy glass studio, fused glass, creative entrepreneur

cheers darling, pink, martini, fused glass, coaster, sassy glass studio, creative entrepreneur

coffee because adulting is hard, fusography, fused glass, sassy glass studio, creative entrepreneur

drink coffee get shit done, fused glass, coaster, sassy glass studio, creative entrepreneur

enjoy the little things, fused glass, fusography, wildflowers, motivational quote, creative entrepreneur, office art

girl boss, fused glass, coaster, fusography, creative entrepreneur, boss lady, motivational quote, desk art

hello gorgeous, watercolor flowers, pink flowers, sassy glass studio, creative entrepreneur, desk art, coaster

this looks like a job for coffee, fusography, fused glass, coaster, desk art, sassy glass studio, motivational quote

today's top 3, coaster, fusography, fused glass, sassy glass studio, motivational quote, organization, creative entreprenuer

Visit the Sassy Glass Studio Etsy shop to purchase. As of January 24, 2016 not all of these items are listed in the shop, but they will be. Also, the turnaround time is currently about 3 weeks until I determine which designs will be created and sold on a regular basis. (This is probably why I have procrastinated about doing this for like three years. I didn't know what to create!)

And, if you are interested in learning how to create your own fused glass goodness, I will begin teaching beginner and intermediate classes again in April. At this time, I do not teach a class in the Fusography method as it is a long process and would take about a week to cover. I will, however, be creating a video and possible an ebook on the process that will be available for sale.

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