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Thursday, August 23, 2012

How May I Help You?

Teacher. Educator. Instructor. Mentor.

These are roles I never thought I would fill when I was learning about fused glass nearly five years ago, but here I am, filling them right up!

I love teaching people how to create their own fused glass art, answering their questions about kilns when they have as one student said "become addicted to fused glass", and encouraging students to experiment with techniques, colors and designs. The first time someone asked me if I am concerned about my students becoming my competition I was taken aback. Why would I be upset if one of my students was so inspired by my work and my instruction to start creating their own art and sell it?

One of my first fused glass class student's working on her project
One of my recent students, Kim Currin, found me while searching for information about flattening bottles. Kim has been creating glasses and vases by cutting down bottles for quite a while, but she wanted to do something different with them. Somehow Kim managed to find me through a Google search and we started talking about glass and next thing I know Kim's signed up for Beginner Fused Glass Class. She was an excellent student, creating gorgeous colorful pieces in thoughtful designs and I just knew the next time I heard from her it would be to let me know she bought a kiln. I was so right!
In process: Kim creating her 12 inch square platter
Several months have passed since Kim last graced my studio with her creativity and she now has her own creative space in Cleveland, TN to focus on her slumped bottle pieces and fused glass coasters, nightlights, plates, platters and more. Kim also has an Etsy shop and Facebook page. Take a look at what she's working on at Kim Currin Creations and give her some love. I do believe I have taught her well!

I am so proud of each and every one of my students and there is nothing I want more than for them to be successful whether they just take the classes for fun to learn a new craft or if they jump right in with both feet and start a business. My students inspire me and often give me fresh ideas for my own work. Many of them have become friends. I love that! If you are interested in learning more about my fused glass classes, visit the page links at the top of the page for more information or contact me for more information.

Teacher. Educator. Instructor. Mentor. Love it.

So, just as I was finishing up this post guess who calls me? Kim! She had a question for me. I was thrilled to hear from her and she made my day when she told me she talks about me every day and that she's happy I am her mentor. Do I have the best students or what?! They are always teaching me something.
In process: Kim's platter after full fusing and before slumping
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