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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sassy Glass Studio :: Thankful Collection 2008

Thankful Collection 2008
Platter $52
Vase $26
Coasters $28
Sassy Glass Studio recently created a new collection just in time for Thanksgiving...literally. I took these pieces out of the kiln on Thanksgiving morning which was a little late for this year's celebration but early enough for next year's turkey dinner. The collection includes a 12 inch square sushi platter, a set of four coasters and a vase/votive holder/serving bowl. I had designed the platter a week or so ago using autumn shades of red, orange and yellow. It is terrific eye-catching color combination that is sure to look great on any table at any time of the year.
Sassy Glass Studio accepts MC/Visa/Checks/Cash and can custom create pieces in your choice of colors.

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There's something Sassy for everyone!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

March of the Sassy Glass Studio Penguins

The penguins started with a plan and a design. The plan was to create fused glass penguins to decorate the tree in the Santa Hats kid's creativity area at Fantasy of Trees. My husband, Allan, and I are co-chairs for this particular area and I wanted our requisite Christmas tree to be extra special. The penguin design needed to be rather simplistic as I would have to cut the penguin body parts freehand. I chose the penguin above as the basic design and decided to to cut the black body parts as three sections: a half circle for the lower body, a triangle for the mid body and "arms" and a circle for the head. The entire penguin is about 4 inches long, so none of the parts are especially big. The white body parts were cut as two separate pieces- the head and the body. The last pieces are the two small triangles that form the feet.

The penguin body parts were assembled in the kiln and fired to a full fuse.

Once out of the kiln, the penguins were washed to remove any shelf paper residue.

The penguins faces were hand-painted using glass paints. Special care was taken to give the penguins a happy face.

Here are penguins waiting to be placed in the oven to set their painted faces.

After the penguins were placed in the oven for 40 minutes at 325 degrees their painted faces were permanent and their scarves were tied on and a dab of hot glue was added to make sure the scarves stayed put.

This penguin is awaiting the glue gun to fasten his scarf.

The penguins are ready to go to Fantasy of Trees.

The penguins are a wonderful addition to the Santa Hats Christmas tree. I also crafted the snowflakes on the tree.
The cute little penguins finally made their way to their destination. Time to party!
The penguin project was a lot of fun, but after handcrafting nineteen penguins I am pretty sure I will consider this a limited edition. Each of the penguins is $25 and they will be available for sale at the end of Fantasy of Trees on November 30th.
Please visit the shop for more Sassy Glass Studio one-of-a-kind fused glass art!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Go Ahead...Make My Day!

This is the kind of stuff that makes my day:

"Oh, my goodness! This plate is so gorgeous!! It arrived, well packed and safe--it will be wonderful on my Christmas table. It's even more beautiful that I thought it would be. Thanks!!"

This is my first feedback on an Etsy sale and I had to share it because it made me realize all the hours spent alone in the studio, the effort I take to accurately list my items, the care with which I package them for shipping, and the bleeding is all totally worth while.
Don't you want to make my day? If so, check out the Sassy Glass Studio shop.
Thank you, Elena for making my day!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sassy Glass Studio @ Home Show- Jacksonville, FL

Sassy Glass Studio went on the road this weekend to Jacksonville for an @ Home Show with Carol LeTard. The drive to Florida is always interesting and I decided to make a little game for the drive: Five Things. I was to decide on five things that characterized the drive. Not necessarily descriptive words, just whatever would make me think of this trip again. Here are my Five Things:
1. Gas for $1.94
2. Cotton bolls
3. Mistletoe
4. Rock and roll
5. Billboards advertising strippers

I didn't really think it was necessary to advertise strippers, but apparently the economy is affecting everyone these days. Driving affords me the opportunity to do a lot of thinking, especially when I am alone. And I get to hear things I wouldn't during a normal day, like NPR, local coverage of high school football and a lot of country music. I don't really know how to hook my iPod up and I didn't get to the library to check-out any books-on-CD so I was at the mercy of the radio dial for my vocal entertainment. It wasn't bad, just unpredictable. By the time I would find something tolerable to listen to, the signal went all static and I had to go on another push-button adventure to locate some good rock and roll. Ahh, nothing like a little AC/DC to get your mind off of another 5 hours behind the wheel.
So, between the Five Things and an interrupted audible entertainment, I was able to survive the drive and enjoy the wide open road. Me, the magical Prius and load of one-of-a-kind fused glass art...on the road again!
The Sassy Glass Studio @ Home Show was a great success and I must thank Carol for her hospitality, Internet connectivity, biscuits, helping hands and keeping cold beer in the fridge. The next trip can't come soon enough!
Here are a couple of photographs from the Show.

Contact Lisa at Sassy Glass Studio to schedule your @ Home Show today!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Some Sassy Holiday Plate Designs

This is sort of a backwards post because the featured items have all been sold, but that is exactly why I am sharing them today. This year Sassy Glass Studio designed and created a series of four fused glass plates with holiday designs in fresh red and green combinations. These plates sold out immediately- one sold through my Etsy shop and the rest found happy homes in Jacksonville at the Sassy Glass Studio @ Home Show I did there this past weekend. So, now that they are gone, I will be creating more and if you would like one be sure to let me know before they are gone again. Each plate is approximately 8 inches square and are great for serving Santa snacks, as a candle holder or trinket tray.

Dates are still available for Sassy Glass Studio @ Home Shows. Check the blog for dates that have been reserved. Book at Show and earn a 10% credit on your guests purchases...perfect for Holiday shopping!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Let There Be Light :: Beautiful, Unique Lanterns

Warm tones glow in the setting sun

Cool jewel tones create an ocean effect

This week, as I prepared for a Sassy Glass Studio @ Home Show in Jacksonville, FL, I decided to give myself more work and created a couple of lanterns. The wrought iron lanterns had been sitting, sad and lonely, on a shelf in the studio for several months day-dreaming of becoming something absolutely wonderful, so I finally granted their wishes.
The lanterns are about 10 inches tall and the four side panels, one is the door, are about 5 inches wide. In the center of the lantern is a recessed area for a large votive of any height. Included in this post are several photographs of the two pieces, one is in cool colors and the other in warm tones. One of these is sure to complement your home decor. Each lantern is $78 and available for delivery in the Knoxville area. Contact Lisa at to inquire about these one-of-a-kind works of art.

Check out the Sassy Glass Studio shop for unique holiday shopping! Don't forget I can bring the Sassy Glass Studio to your home. Earn a 10% credit on your guest's sales when you host a Sassy Glass Studio @ Home Show. Contact me to book yours today.