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Beginner Fused Glass Class

Beginner Fused Glass Class, which will also serve as the prerequisite for Intermediate Fused Glass Class, will provide students who are either brand-new to fusing glass or who need a refresher course with the opportunity to complete one basic fusing project- a set of four 4-inch coasters in your choice of colors.

Class schedule :: Schedule is for one 4-hour class.

· Overview of fused glass and techniques complete with informational handouts and suggested books and websites to get more information and/or design ideas.
· Topics include kiln and mold preparation, glass selection, project design, firing schedules, safety, glass supplies, assembly, annealing, compatibility testing, slumping and draping, working with frits, stringers and noodles, inclusions, as well as many other wonderful things you have always wanted to know about fusing glass! Previous experience cutting glass is not necessary and will be covered as required.
· Students will create a set of 4 coasters in the colors and design of their choice.
· Firing schedules, types of kilns and the fusing process will be discussed in depth.
· A question and answer period will conclude the class. Handouts are included and recommended reading list will be provided. No books are necessary for the classes.

The goal for Beginner Fused Glass Class is to provide all participants with an overall understanding of fused glass and the various techniques involved in the creation of some basic pieces. Intermediate Fused Glass Class will allow participants to explore more advanced techniques and fusing methods and complete a more complex project involving slumping and/or draping.
Price ::
Beginners Class is $200
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All materials and tools are included in this price.

Studio Location :: Sassy Glass Studio is located at 5000 Parkdale Road just up from the intersection of Cedar Lane and Inskip Road. It is about halfway between the Merchants Road exit of 75N and Broadway/Fountain City Duck Pond.

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