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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Refresh and Reorganize | a mini studio makeover

{ Organized + Refreshed = Increased Productivity + Inspired Creativity }

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of cleaning, moving and tossing stuff in the trash. The glass studio is a work in progress, but I wanted to share a short video {kind of like a moving portrait} of the refresh and reorganization. All that's really left is some painting and then I can hang some shelves, a cork board and some art on the walls and be done with it. For now. Eventually I will paint the floor, but that will involve removing everything from the studio and I don't have time for that now. Maybe next January!

The area I have been reorganizing is my main workspace. We boxed in an area about 10 feet X 10 feet when we started working on the "Great ALM Photo Office|Studio Project" about 6 years ago and outfitted it with items we already had, like shelves, a desk, tables and even the wainscoting and window were things kicking around the garage. Yes, my glass studio is in what was once a boring detached two-car garage/workshop. During the "Project" we built up on top of it and out the sides to add another garage bay and a large porch. What I love most about my entire glass studio space is that I can open the overhead door in the gallery/classroom area and work pretty much outside. I will be sharing photos and updates on that area when I get it finished up. All of my reorg/refresh has to be done in time for the Dogwood Art DeTour on April 12th and 13th when my studio is open to the public. Who wants to see that I usually work in a messy, unorganized space?!

Here is a "before" photo:
Yeah, it was a mess. It's a happier space now!

Here is the short "after" video:

Here are some photos I found of the glass studio being constructed. Wow! Looking back on these photos, I really wish I had painted the walls before moving everything into the space so I could get working. The walls still look like this. Gross!

I'll share more photos and/or video as I work my way through this project. The gallery/classroom area will have a nice comfy couch so my mom can wander down to the glass studio and watch me work. {We moved my mom in almost a year ago and she has a hard time getting around so it will be nice for her to have a place to sit and hang out with me.}

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1 comment:

ralph said...

Thank you for sharing, I am a wood sculptor/artisinal furnishings maker and I am so completely consumed, physically and mentally with the current and next awesome project that I have no time to clean up (so I understand how messes happen), is it because I am a man or just an "insane" artist whose addiction is not dope but intoxicatingly beautiful artwork?