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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Celebrate My Birthday with 25% Off in Sassy Glass Studio Etsy Shop!

Happy birthday to me! And to you too!

I thought about offering a discount equal to my age, but I didn't want to give away my fused glass goodness! Join me in celebrating my birthday month with a 25% discount off your purchase of $20 or more in the Sassy Glass Studio Etsy shop. This time of year, I typically take a little time away from creating in the glass studio and focus on my other creative entrepreneurial endeavors and get all of my fused glass goodness listed in the shop. I've photographed and listed a good bit of it, but there is more to come! Lots of swizzle sticks, coasters, and business card holders...not to mention plates and more pendants.

sassy glass studio, art, knoxville, tennessee, fused glass art, one-of-a-kind fused glass art

The sale will go through February 16th, 2015 to give you time to decide and see the new items to be listed very soon, oh and, for Valentine's Day gift giving! Use coupon code MYBIRTHDAY during checkout to receive the discount. But don't wait too long if you have your eye on something...

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