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Monday, February 15, 2010

Hair Stylists Get Colorful and Creative Outside the Salon :: Fused Glass Pendant Mini-Class

As soon as my students breezed in the door of Sassy Glass Studio on Friday night for a Fused Glass Pendant Mini-Class I knew it was going to be a fun evening. Amy had just had her super chic short hair colored with a combination of magenta and orange and Kira was a super funky sweetheart with eyeglasses I wish I were bold enough to wear. We were off to a super creative start when I found out Kira was responsible for Amy's colorful tresses. These two beautiful ladies are hair stylists at Vibe: A Belleza Salon located at 5042 Kingston Pike in Bearden and they were looking to try their hand at something creative outside the salon that didn't involve hair.
Hamming it up with the tools of my trade...the equivalent of scissors

This was the first time I had taught a mini-class and it was difficult for me to keep from spending too much time educating them in depth about glass, kilns, techniques, equipment and tools. I love to teach and my usual Beginner Fused Glass Class is taught in two four-hour classes giving me ample time for show-and-tell so the two-hour format of the mini-class meant I had to tailor my instruction to the information necessary for the students to create two fused glass pendants of their own design within the allotted time.

Once Amy and Kira felt confident in their cutting skills they chose the glass to create their pendants and began assembling them.  Their color choices were bold! Here are the pendants before they were placed in the kiln for firing.

It was so much fun for me to chat with Amy and Kira as they busily assembled the colorful pieces of glass that would become their unique pendants. Seeing the colors and designs that other people come up with is very inspiring for me. Most of the pendants I create are 'safe' designs created with 'safe' colors that I feel confident someone will purchase through my Etsy shop or at an art show. It's hard for me to know exactly what a customer will be looking for, which is why I love custom creations created with customer input so much. These ladies incoporated colors and types of glass into their pendants that I typically don't because they aren't 'safe' options. I loved their color choices and designs! Here is what their pendants looked when I took them out of the kiln the following day. I will adhere the bails to their pendants and deliver them to Vibe, but they were given the option to come by and do it themselves in case they really wanted to do it all by themselves.

Want to learn how to create your own fused glass goodness? Click here for more information on the Beginner Fused Glass Class. The Fused Glass Pendant Mini-Class is not listed on the blog as it is only offered as a specialty class. The mini-class cost is $50 per person and each student has to opportunity to create two pendants of their own design. Classes are perfect for getting together with your girlfriends or family members and the Mini-Class is a great way to begin a Girl's Night Out. Contact me with questions about classes or to schedule.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Daytona 500!

Sassy Glass Studio has been very busy creating lots of fused glass goodness and even managing to squeeze in teaching a fused glass pendant mini-class the night before Valentine's Day. During the class I asked the students how they would be celebrating Valentine's Day and I received one eye roll and one fit of laughter. That's when I knew I wasn't alone.

Lots of folks don't like all the hype about Valentine's Day and I am one of them. It's never been a holiday I have actively celebrated. My dislike probably stems from the time in high school I received delivery of a dozen long-stemmed red roses while mucking out stalls in the barn. The roses were from a very shy boy in my high school art class and I think I broke his heart. I came across a photo recently from that day taken as I walked out of the barn with the box and it made me realize how stressful and emotionally draining Valentine's Day can be for many of us.  So whether you love Valentine's Day or not, or have someone to celebrate it with or not, I have a suggestion for the perfect way to spend the day. I have dubbed this February 14th, Happy Valentine's Daytona 500. If you don't get it at first repeat it and then you will. It's like one of those before and after puzzles on Wheel of Fortune. Please don't tell me you don't watch Wheel of Fortune!

Yes, it's true. Not only am I not expecting a box of chocolates or a dozen roses tomorrow, I love NASCAR. So instead of having an emotionally draining day, join me and Allan while we kick back with a couple of cold ones, some nacho chips and salsa and watch the Daytona 500!