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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fusography | Show off your fabulous photos!

{ Fusography }

It's a word I made up to describe the pieces I create by permanently fusing a full-color {or not} image, whether it be a photograph or other graphic, to a one-of-a-kind fused glass piece. Several years ago, probably more like four years ago, I set out to find a way to combine my two passion/professions: photography and fused glass art. There were plenty of decals you could DIY, assuming you could lay your hands on just the right type of laser printer, but these decals would only fire to a sepia tone. I wanted COLOR!

So I spent a lot of time Googling full-color decals and a multitude of combinations thereof until I found In Plain Sight Art. I was so excited when I found them. They are artists who print exactly the type of decal I needed! And it wasn't ridiculously expensive. And they are super easy to work with.

My first decal order was of artwork by a friend {see finished bowl below}. I was super nervous about messing something up and it took me several weeks to get up to courage to actually create the piece. I wrote a step-by-step post about Fusography a while back outlining the whole process. It's not for the beginner or anyone not having a great attention to detail. The step of getting the decal off the backing paper and onto the glass is tedious and if not done right, can ruin the whole piece. My patience is tested every time. I sweat while working to get the decals off the backing paper and onto the glass without any bubbles.

I've been sharing photos of Fusography pieces I have created and I have had a lot of fused glass artists ask me about the decals, but I have yet to find another artist {besides the creative geniuses over at In Plain Sight Art} sharing art they have made using the decals. Of course, you need to have a digitally programmable kiln and many fused glass artists don't use one, but I figured somebody out there was doing the same thing I am.

One of my business goals for 2014 is to increase exposure of Fusography, get more custom orders for it and experiment with different types of designs and techniques. It's unique and since it gives customers the option of using their images, whether they are professional images they have permission to print, Instagram photos, mobile phone photos, or photos of photos. See...lots of possibilities! I bet right now you are thinking of some images you would love to have on coasters or pendants. Custom created fused glass art is a fantastic gift idea, but it is even more awesome when you embellish it with a photo of someone special or your own photography.

Here are the decals on order right now! I just uploaded this image file to In Plain Sight Art and I will have them by the weekend. As you can see I can add a lot of images to one sheet! There are several images on here for customers, but a lot of them are for new pieces I am creating for the Etsy shop and for the Dogwood Arts Festival Market Square Art Fair and Dogwood Art DeTour coming up in April.

Next up with Fusography is a video tutorial sharing the entire process from creating the decal sheet, placing the order, fabricating the fused glass blanks for the decals, firing and finishing pieces. I'm excited to share one of my passions!

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