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Thursday, January 9, 2014

It's a Sassy New Year!

Be more creative!
Be more active!
Be more social!
Be more productive!
Be more awesome!

Those were my objectives for 2012. And they are my objectives for 2013 too! I'm excited to embrace my objectives in some different ways this year!

On creativity...
My husband, Allan, and I spent Christmas in Colorado with our two young nieces who create a lot of art seated around their craft table coloring, painting, cutting and pasting. 

Each morning, I would join them at the table to work on a 'project'. I forgot how much fun coloring can be! Sometimes in the afternoon we'd work on something different, like painting and loom potholders. The girls assured me I did a good job. 

Here are a couple of my favorites!

I'll be sharing more about my other objectives over the next few weeks! Let me know how you get your creative juices flowing. I'm always looking for new and fresh ideas!

Here's to a Sassy New Year! 2014 is going to be awesome! Stay tuned for more information about upcoming events, classes, workshops, videos and behind-the-scenes goodies!
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