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Monday, March 24, 2014

Social Media Marketing | Sharing the Love!

Last week I had the opportunity to speak to other artists and creatives about Social Media Marketing on behalf of the Art & Culture Alliance of Knoxville. I was thrilled to see so many creative business people come out during the middle of the day to learn how they could use social media to grow their businesses. It made me so happy! So did this quote below from the son of one of the attendees.
"You've inspired folks! Even J who is 11 said "I know about FB, twitter, tumbler, and sharing the love, but it was good!" For an 11 year old to say that, it really was a good session! "
Teaching. Speaking. These are two things I would never have thought I would be doing 15 years ago, before I moved to Knoxville and changed my whole life. I have been teaching fused glass classes for many years, but teaching creative business people, such as photographers, artists and graphic designers about social media is one of my passions. One reason I love sharing my passion for social media is because most artists have a difficult time promoting themselves and the other is because it is a relatively low-cost way to spread the word. And there are lots of ways to incorporate images, which can be so incredibly important when you are an artist. I also love to speak about turning your artistic passion into a successful creative business.

So, I wanted to share over here on my Sassy Glass Studio blog about what is going on over on the Creative Business Learning Center blog. I've created a page to share the presentation and I'm working on a document that will include some additional information and tips that I didn't have time to include in a 60 minute presentation. If you are interested, you can view it here. The Creative Business Mentor Program has also been retooled a bit, and you can check that out here. I'll also be answering some of the questions I am receiving from attendees on the other blog.

I would love to share my passions with your creative group, class or business! Contact me for availability and rates at

#ShareTheLove {social media is all about sharing not only about you but others as well}

Don't miss out on the fun of  celebrating National Craft Month in Sassy Style! There are still a few days in March to enjoy the crafty awesomeness! This will be the only time this year that Fused Glass Classes will be discounted!

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