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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Creativity Runs in the Family :: Beginner Fused Glass Class

This past weekend I had the pleasure of teaching the Beginner Fused Glass Class to Bernadette and her parents, Lori and Keith. Bernadette has purchased several pieces of fused glass art from Sassy Glass Studio over the past year and was really interested in how the pieces were created so it made complete sense for her to want to take a class. I was thrilled to meet her parents and delighted they took to this new craft with so much excitement. Although I want students to leave class with a firm understanding of what fused glass is, how to cut glass, design and create a piece and the proper methods of firing it in the kiln; more than anything I want them to have a lot of fun and create works of art they will be happy to display in their homes or give as gifts.

Here are some images from the first day of class during which I lecture for half the class followed by everyone learning how to properly and successfully cut glass and then hands-on creation of their set of four coasters. Never in any class have I had a student create four identical coasters and this class didn't disappoint.

Father and daughter work side-by-side

Day two of class is very exciting! Students arrive at class eager to finish the coasters they created the previous day by cleaning and adhering the rubber bumpers. The lecture on the second day covers more about the firing process and the stages and termperatures the glass goes through. Although this isn't the most exciting material to cover I want to be sure students understand it isn't just a matter of putting pieces of glass together, firing the glass in the kiln and ending up with a fabulous work of art. There is some trial and error and learning along the way. As soon as I get done with the lecture the students are free to begin their second day projects which can be a night light, sun catcher or tile or 4 pendants. Here are some of the images from class on day two.
Bernadette's pendants from day two class. She chose some fabulous color combinations and designs. All these need is the bail attached and they will be ready to wear.

Father and daughter were good working neighbors

Keith's piece about 3/4 of the way complete

Bernadette's pendants and her sketches

Lori's rainbow tile. Excellent use of color!

These are Bernadette's coasters

Lori's coasters

Keith's colorful coasters

Look how fabulous Lori's art tile/sun catcher turned out. Love it!

Keith's colorful art panel includes a waterfall, trees and a babbling brook. Awesome composition!
As you can see the students had a fabulous time creating their masterpieces and will have their own one-of-a-kind fused glass art to show off to their family and friends. If you are interested in taking Beginner Fused Glass Class click on the tab at the top of the page on the blog for more information, contact Sassy Glass Studio via e-mail or call 865-406-3870. I look forward to seeing you in class!

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