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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Daytona 500!

Sassy Glass Studio has been very busy creating lots of fused glass goodness and even managing to squeeze in teaching a fused glass pendant mini-class the night before Valentine's Day. During the class I asked the students how they would be celebrating Valentine's Day and I received one eye roll and one fit of laughter. That's when I knew I wasn't alone.

Lots of folks don't like all the hype about Valentine's Day and I am one of them. It's never been a holiday I have actively celebrated. My dislike probably stems from the time in high school I received delivery of a dozen long-stemmed red roses while mucking out stalls in the barn. The roses were from a very shy boy in my high school art class and I think I broke his heart. I came across a photo recently from that day taken as I walked out of the barn with the box and it made me realize how stressful and emotionally draining Valentine's Day can be for many of us.  So whether you love Valentine's Day or not, or have someone to celebrate it with or not, I have a suggestion for the perfect way to spend the day. I have dubbed this February 14th, Happy Valentine's Daytona 500. If you don't get it at first repeat it and then you will. It's like one of those before and after puzzles on Wheel of Fortune. Please don't tell me you don't watch Wheel of Fortune!

Yes, it's true. Not only am I not expecting a box of chocolates or a dozen roses tomorrow, I love NASCAR. So instead of having an emotionally draining day, join me and Allan while we kick back with a couple of cold ones, some nacho chips and salsa and watch the Daytona 500!

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