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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sassy Glass Studio @ Home Show- Jacksonville, FL

Sassy Glass Studio went on the road this weekend to Jacksonville for an @ Home Show with Carol LeTard. The drive to Florida is always interesting and I decided to make a little game for the drive: Five Things. I was to decide on five things that characterized the drive. Not necessarily descriptive words, just whatever would make me think of this trip again. Here are my Five Things:
1. Gas for $1.94
2. Cotton bolls
3. Mistletoe
4. Rock and roll
5. Billboards advertising strippers

I didn't really think it was necessary to advertise strippers, but apparently the economy is affecting everyone these days. Driving affords me the opportunity to do a lot of thinking, especially when I am alone. And I get to hear things I wouldn't during a normal day, like NPR, local coverage of high school football and a lot of country music. I don't really know how to hook my iPod up and I didn't get to the library to check-out any books-on-CD so I was at the mercy of the radio dial for my vocal entertainment. It wasn't bad, just unpredictable. By the time I would find something tolerable to listen to, the signal went all static and I had to go on another push-button adventure to locate some good rock and roll. Ahh, nothing like a little AC/DC to get your mind off of another 5 hours behind the wheel.
So, between the Five Things and an interrupted audible entertainment, I was able to survive the drive and enjoy the wide open road. Me, the magical Prius and load of one-of-a-kind fused glass art...on the road again!
The Sassy Glass Studio @ Home Show was a great success and I must thank Carol for her hospitality, Internet connectivity, biscuits, helping hands and keeping cold beer in the fridge. The next trip can't come soon enough!
Here are a couple of photographs from the Show.

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