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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fusography | Full-color images on glass

Since launching Fusography, the process of permanently fusing full-color digital images to glass, I have done some tests with base colors, sizes and various types of images. Over the next month I will be creating some fresh pieces that will be available for sale, and not just for me to show you as examples. Also, other products such as nightlights and platters and plates will be introduced. The fusography pieces below feature my photography, but I do create custom pieces with any digital image you have permission to print or own the copyright to.
Fusography is perfect for creating one-of-a-kind gifts, personalized gifts, business gifts and items for the office, custom jewelry {pendants and rings} and more. The possibilities are endless!
Contact me for details or to place an order.

fused glass, color photo, color image, coaster, wedding
Coaster with a wedding image

fused glass, full color, photo on glass, image on glass, color photo
Sample plate centerpiece with portrait image

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schisari said...

How cool! Would love to know how it's done!!!Do you use a special printer?

Lisa Gifford Mueller said...

I send the images to a company that prints the full-color fusible decal. The firing schedule for the decals is long but the image quality after firing is amazing! I'll be launching the line for ordering very soon. Thanks for dropping by!