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Monday, April 6, 2009

:: Celebrate :: Moxie ::

I was so thrilled when I learned I had won a unique two-sided double photo pendant from Leah Daehling of Moxie Photo and Design (and Moxie Thrift too). I had to chuckle when Leah announced my win by commenting on my Facebook status I posted when I didn't win the Tight Curves Transformation Challenge that I was indeed a winner. The pendant is one of two created especially for Leah in honor of her birthday by Rachel at Two Dog Pond. One was for Leah to keep and the other one for her to give away to a lucky reader of her blog. That would be me!
I had been thinking about the pendant and hoping it would arrive soon to cheer me up. Imagine my delight when I found the envelope waiting for me in the mailbox when Allan and I returned Saturday evening from a photography seminar in Nashville. I just had to share with you the envelope with its curly-q doodle designs and its gorgeous contents. Be sure to check out Leah's Etsy shops, especially if you love photography and vintage as much as I do, as well as Two Dog Pond's website for some unique jewelry.

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