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Friday, October 31, 2008

Silvery Snow on a Shiny Plum

Today I am sharing a Sassy Glass Studio fused glass plate that is perfect for holiday gift giving. Why is it perfect for holiday gift giving you ask? It is perfect for holiday gift giving because it is gorgeous, handmade, not too big-not too small, perfectly priced and easy to wrap. I present to you...a wonderful confection of silver mica powder wrapped in rich purple glass. The mica glistens beneath a layer of clear glass and has created gentle moguls across the surface. Delightful!

The plate is perfect for holding trinkets and treasures, such as this lovely hand-crafted "Sassy" sterling silver necklace from Wound Around Jewelry. Click here to visit WAJ on Etsy.
Light up the night with a couple of votive candles
The right size for post-its and paper clips too
The plate is one-of-a-kind fused glass and has been slumped into a ceramic plate mold to give it shape and definition. It is approximately 5 3/4 inches square. $24
Sassy Glass Studio accepts cash, check, MC and Visa. Shipping charges are extra.
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Karen- WAJ said...

Thank you for the exposure!!