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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's gonna be a Sassy new year!

Happy Sassy New Year!

Over the last year, I spend  lot of time focusing on my photography business, ALM Photo {no pun intended} and not on Sassy Glass Studio. There is no real reason why this happened, except that my husband and I work together in ALM Photo and if he was heading to the office, I would go along with him without considering whether I needed to spend time in the glass studio. I spent very little time creating new art in 2012 and my Etsy shop was nearly bare. If I was out in the glass studio, I was creating new pieces just to have something to sell at the Market Square Farmers' Market which runs each Saturday starting in May until the end of December.

Toward the end of 2012, I started paying attention to how I was using my time between both of my businesses, my personal life and taking time away from work to relax and renew. I didn't like what I saw. Too much time in the office, not enough time working in my businesses, too much time working on them and too much time doing what other people wanted me to do. I started making notes, both written and mental, on these observations and decided there had to be a change.

Starting with this blog post, you can expect to see more frequent posts about Sassy Glass Studio, about me, about what I am creating, about where you can find my work, about where I am working on getting my work into and maybe even about my pets. My point is, you will be more from me. And I hope you like it. Life is too short not to wake up every day and do what I love. I love photography and fused glass art and I've decided one isn't going to get more attention that the other.

Come join me on my journey in 2013 to...
Be more creative!
Be more active!
Be more social!
Be more productive!
Be more awesome!

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