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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Going Green | Introducing the 'Recycling Center'

One day as I was cleaning and removing the labels from some wine bottles to flatten into cheese trays, I realized I could do something different with the bottles. I could break them! Not only could I create some new art, but I could also relieve my frustrations. Awesome!

This past Saturday at the Market Square Farmers' Market Sassy Glass Studio introduced the 'Recycling Center' featuring fused glass goodness created from recycled {or if you prefer 'upcycled'} glass bottles. These pieces join the wine bottle cheese trays I have been created for several years and are a small bowl and a business card holder. Additional pieces will be added to the collection over the next few weeks.

The bottle used to create these pieces was a Pellegrino water bottle which is a fabulous shade of light bright green. I am always on the hunt for colored bottles, so if you or someone you know has any to share, be sure to send them my way.

Business Card Holder | back view

Detail of bowl edge


Chunky but not sharp...

Business Card Holder | front view

Business Card Holder | side view
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Genuinely Simple said...

Its a great Idea....And love the fact that you are doing what you love...Cheers...

Purky said...

This is ingenious and interesting :)

What a great way of using shards !