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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Inspiration :: The Gardens of Sassy Glass Studio

What inspires you when creating fused glass art?

This is a question I am often asked and the answer is usually quite long-winded because so many different things inspire me, but one thing that has always inspired me is my gardens. I love the colors, lines, shapes and textures in the flower garden and the reflections and bright fish in the water garden. Over the last few weeks I have been taking photographs of the gardens and combining them with images of my fused glass art and creating composites to use with the listings in the Etsy shop just to add a bit of creative interest. Here are some of the composites that showcase my inspiration.

Iris and wild violets

Dried zebra grass and an on-purpose rusted patio table

Daffodils in a variety of shades

Green grass and clover

Pink primroses and dogwoods

Pink primroses and fairy roses (just coming soon!)

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1 comment:

Dawn Sievers said...

LOVE this blog post, chica! The photos illustrating your inspiration along w/ the finished art glass are SMART marketing, as well as pleasing presentation. I'd give thought to using those on some brochures, seriously! They give the viewer a better understanding of what is possible to create and you could tie that in to generate interest and excitement for art glass classes. Not trying to be pushy - my brain just always jumps to marketing concepts!

Quick question - the coasters that you make in the Beginner's Art Glass Class. I don't like the flat coasters because they allow condensation from drinks to slide off onto the table. Is there a way to put create the coasters w/ a slight lip? Shoot me an email to let me know!

Love you!