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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dogwood Arts Festival Art DeTour :: Studio Art Trails {one-of-a-kind fused glass art | Knoxville, TN}

Have you ever admired an artist's work and wondered where they create their art? Many times the creative process is just as exciting as the art itself. Dogwood Arts Festival gives everyone the opportunity to participate in a self-guided tour of artist's studios as part of the Art DeTour : Studio Art Trails. Much like the dogwood trails you can drive at your leisure to admire the beautiful gardens of your fellow Knoxvillians, this art tour gives you the chance to peek inside the studios of artists you know or those you have yet to meet. Sassy Glass Studio joins a long list of participating studios on this years Art DeTour and we'd love to have you stop by and see how we create our one-of-a-kind fused glass art and browse the shop in the studio as well. A complete list of participating studios can be found here.
 Sassy Glass Studio fused glass goodness is created in the lower level of "Creativity Central'
The cyber workstation. You'll have to visit during the Art DeTour to see where I 'really' work!

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