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Friday, October 2, 2009

Beginner Fused Glass Class :: September 22 and 23

Sassy Glass Studio held a Beginner Fused Glass Class on September 22 and 23 for three very creative, fun ladies. Victoria and her mother, Tina, joined Kathy, who had booked the class several weeks earlier. They all agreed "the more, the merrier" and I had to agree with them. I book classes for one to four students, the same price per student (unless you book a class and get three friends to join you and then you only pay half!) and same syllabus is covered. So no matter how many students are in your class you get a great overall education in fused glass techniques and equipment as well as the opportunity to create your own fused glass goodness. Students create a set of four coasters in the first class and their choice of a sun catcher, trivet/tile, nightlight or four pendants in the second class. Sassy Glass Studio provides all the tools and glass to complete the projects and the students bring their creativity. Check out the creative designs Victoria, Tina and Kathy came up with for their projects. Amazing work, ladies! Next stop: Intermediate Fused Glass Class where they will learn how to complete more intricate cuts including circles and the projects involve slumping and draping.

Supplies and Safety Equipment

Tools, Glass and Molds

Kathy working on her second project

Tina's beautiful fused glass coasters...each is unique!

Victoria is really into green!

Tina's second project, a night light, shiny and green.

Kathy's second project, a glass tile for her garden, is gorgeous.

Victoria designed this piece so it could have hooks added and be a key holder.

The first day's project, coasters, ready for firing!

To find out more about Sassy Glass Studio's Beginner and Intermediate Fused Glass Classes see the link at the top of the page or contact for details.  Come on and join the fun and create your own fused glass goodness!

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