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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

BGKDesigns is Simply Creative :: A Shout Out to a Knoxville Creative Hands Street Team Member

Back around the beginning of the new year I searched on Facebook for people in Knoxville with Etsy listed as an interest or activity and I found several new "friends", one of whom was Brenda Kerns. Brenda, it turns out, lives not very far from me so I now refer to her as my "neighbor". She seems a whole lot nicer than my real neighbors anyway. Being a retired school teacher apparently was not exciting enough for Brenda so she began to find some creative outlets, one of which is monogramming and the other is making jewelry. She likes the classy look monogramming gives her bags, bandannas, bibs and other items that are both utilitarian and beautiful. Her jewelry is bright and shiny and attracts the eye of all her pass by her booth at an art and craft show or in her Etsy shop on-line.

Here are some photos I took this past Saturday at the Lenoir City Arts & Crafts Festival of Brenda's booth.

Tools of the trade
The booth
Brenda Kerns
I am always drawn to the bright colors!
Shoppers galore!
Brenda is a member of the Knoxville Creative Hands Street Team and participated in our first Spring Show & Sale in May. Her booth was beautifully decorated and she had a generous sampling of her monogrammed items and jewelry, plus she's got a super fun personality and loves to chat with everyone. I have my eye on a number of Brenda's bags for Christmas gifts that I can personalize for my girlfriends.

Here is a shopping basket that Brenda personalized for me as a sweet thank you for letting her get set up early for the Spring Show & Sale. I love it! It is the Sassiest tote ever! Please check out Brenda's shop at and see what she has, you are sure to find something you can put your name on!

Brenda duplicated my Sassy Glass Studio logo perfectly!

All images by ALM Photo ::

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