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Friday, July 25, 2008

Welcome to Sassy Glass Studio's studio...finally!

My main work space-window looks out to the kiln area and to another window to the outside world

Good news! Sassy Glass Studio has moved!
Welcome to Sassy Glass Studio's new studio!!
The studio is an absolute upgrade over working out of the breakfast nook. Lots of space for all the glass, molds, equipment and not one, but two work spaces. There is even room for all the show inventory, tent, and accessories. No more creating a piece and praying that I don't drop it while I traversed the non-existent steps to get out to the kilns. I have spent some time decorating and Sassifying the space, and although I am nowhere near done, I am just excited beyond all belief to have my own space to work in. No more distractions, no more interruptions, no more shards of glass all over the house. The biggest bonus of all is my little window that opens up right next to the fish pond (I am partially under the ground in the studio) so I can listen to the waterfall while I toil in my non-air conditioned and aptly named "sweatshop".

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(From top: Look at all that storage space, books, glass, work area (yes, that is a window!), and my desk/work area and the tip-toe view out my window of the fish pond)


pflower4u said...

Hey Girly; Hope you both are doing well. Congrats on the website; blog. How exciting. Looking forward to seeing your amazing work in person.
See you soon.

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to see the finished work space. Love the photos!