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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Art in the Park in Blowing Rock, NC Update

Blowing Rock lived up to its name, dishing up a blustery wind and temperatures in the low 40's during the early morning set up for the art show. We were not geared appropriately for the weather and tempers ran hot while attempting to set up the tent with frozen digits. It appeared that none of the other artists were prepared for the weather either as many were attired in short-sleeves, shorts and Crocs. The wind was merciless and a few artists had to wrangle their wayward tents back into place and a couple of pieces of pottery were noisily dashed to the ground in a splintery splash of hardened clay. Thankfully Sassy Glass Studio's fantastic new tent weathered the wind with little disruption and we didn't experience any shattered glass. Whew!

Shortly after we had the booth ready for the art-loving public our prayers were answered and the sun broke through the clouds and the temperature climbed to that critical point where everyone begins complaining that it is too hot. It was the perfect day to venture out, head to the Park, wander around, look at the creations of the many artist's, and search for that perfect piece for a gift or just something new to display in the home. Many of our customer's were looking for unique wedding gifts and we were able to help them choose just the right piece. (Don't forget Sassy Glass Studio can custom create gifts for any ocassion!)

Sassy Glass Studio will be back at Art in the Park in Blowing Rock on June 14th so come back and visit us again or check out our schedule on the right to see where we will be next. Also, look for the newsletter later this month. Sassy will be hitting the beach in Jacksonville, FL for a little relaxation over the Memorial Day weekend. Relax and enjoy your holiday weekend too!

Allan makes friends with Marie

The booth

Martini glass suncatcher

Faithful sidekick Allan

Some Sassy Glass Studio creations

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