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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Art in the Park in Blowing Rock, NC Update

This gorgeous red and orange part panel found a loving home this weekend

Sassy Glass Studio was back in Blowing Rock, NC for Art in the Park this past weekend. The early morning weather was glorious compared to last month; however, mid-afternoon the skies opened up and Mother Nature has herself a good, long cry. My brother, Adam, was with me this show (Allan was assisting our friend, Bryan Allen, with a wedding shoot) and helped keep things under control, undercover and as dry as possible. Actually, the tent is set up in the photography studio drying out as I write this. We had a great show and met a lot of fantastic people. Below are some photographs from the show and, as usual, there are the requisite canine photographs. I am definitely making some pet jewelry before the next show, because we all know pets are people too.

The rain...but look at those beautiful plant hangers by Tom and Bonnie at Fiddler's Forge
Yes, all this fits in the Prius...including Adam, my brother, my helper
Big puppy

Wine bottle cheese trays, coasters and plates

This Mastiff puppy was making all kinds of friends...

Frankie's owner made her pose for me, too cute!

The best part of participating in an art show is knowing that someone is going home with my hand-crafted fused glass art and they will absolutely enjoy them. They don't know the time, energy, creative process, anguish and praying that goes into each piece; and they don't need to, all they need to do is love it. Ahhh, such a good feeling it is to share my art with the general public. I have a lot of creativeness ahead of me before the next show in Banner Elk, NC on July 19th and 20th, so look to see some totally new and unusual pieces emerging from the kiln over the next few weeks.
The booth set up
One thing I don't want to forget to share is how we pack everything for the art shows into the Prius. The Prius is not a large car by any stretch, but it is huge on effective packing space. I wish I had a photograph of the booth completely set up with the Prius next to it, but the load-in and load-out processes don't typically allow for cars to be present when your tent is still up, but one day I will find a way to get this photograph. Allan wants to send it to Toyota's marketing department. Maybe they will put Sassy Glass Studio in an advertisement...wouldn't that be cool.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sassy Glass Studio @ Home Show- Jacksonville, FL

Recently, I had the pleasure of conducting my first Sassy Glass Studio @ Home Show for sisters (and dear friends) Denise Shinn and Carol LeTard in Jacksonville, Florida. Denise rounded up over a half dozen of her and Carol's friends for a few hours on a Friday night to enjoy some wine and delicious food while perusing my collection of one-of-a-kind fused glass art. The show was a great success and it was so much fun answering questions and describing my work. The setting was much more intimate than an art show and way more relaxing. I have posted a few photographs from the show. I would especially like to thank my travel buddy, Susan, for giving up one night of our annual Ladies Beach Trip to help me set-up and breakdown for the show.

From the top: Ladies gathered round chatting it up, Carol (left) and Denise (right) preparing the food and drink, Lucky dog, the entry way, Allan's sign came along too, Susan, display including gorgeous new art panel, more display featuring the "Ocean Wave" platter

Now you are intrigued and want to know what exactly is a Sassy Glass Studio @ Home Show anyway? Sassy Glass Studio @ Home Shows are a great way to get some friends together for a few hours, catch up on gossip, learn about fused glass art and find some fabulously unique gifts, jewelry and home accents.

Sounds great, but you want to know how it works, right? Space permitting, I bring my entire current inventory, as well as tables and covers, and set it up in your home similarly to how I do at an art show. Set-up and breakdown each take about one hour and the Show need only take up to two hours, but can last as long as you and friends decide. I will also assist you with the creation of e-mailable invitations (or regular mail invitations if you so desire).

So, what's in it for me you're wondering? Hanging out with your friends for an evening is fun, but the best part of hosting a Sassy Glass Studio @ Home Show has to be the 10% discount! Your reward for hosting a show is a discount off your purchases- current inventory or custom created pieces- equal to ten percent of sales made at the Show. Example: Your friends spend a total of $1000, you get a $100 discount. How awesome is that? All you have to do is invite your friends (and serve some drinks and appetizers if you wish) and I do the rest.

What are you waiting for? Contact me today to arrange for your own Sassy Glass Studio @ Home Show.

Please note: Although I would prefer to do Home Shows within 100 miles of Knoxville, Tennessee, I will make exceptions, so don't hesitate to ask if you are located outside of East Tennessee. My husband, Allan and I love to travel, and as photographers ( we are always looking for fresh locations to shoot.